Above and Beyond Inspection

If you are responsible for building, modifying, maintaining or insuring towers, Tower Inspection, Inc. can provide the expert, experienced services you are looking for. Our certified climbers are trained to provide the most comprehensive field inspection services available. Thorough, concise, easy to read reports are prepared by our office staff of technical writers that includes several professional engineers.

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Much more than just an inspection firm, we design, install, inspect and maintain towers, antennas and transmission lines on all types of towers from Australia to Iceland. From sea to shining sea and across the oceans blue, Tower Inspection crews can be found erecting tall towers and installing and maintaining HF, LF and VLF towers.

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Meeting Customer Demands

We work hard for various government entities; the United States Coast Guard, the United States Navy, the United States Air Force, the Federal Aviation Administration and private sector companies; URS Corp., Long Wave, Inc., and Oklahoma Gas & Electric, among others.


The engineers at Tower Inspection use the most widely accepted tower design software, including finite element analysis, from Tnx Tower and STAAD pro. This software can accommodate a range of design codes and structures ensuring a high standard of excellence and attention to detail.

TII has been in business since 1962 and has worked with many clients including AT&T Wireless, Cellular One, Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, Cingular, Bechtel, US Cellular, Sprint, Nextel, Verizon, Cricket, and T-Mobile among others.

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Engineering Services:

  • Structural analysis of existing towers
  • Structural analysis of existing mounts
  • Structural analysis of existing foundations
  • Structural design of foundations
  • Structural analysis of existing tower and foundation modifications
  • Structural letters for appurtenance connections on water towers and other structures
  • Structural reinforcement/modification designs
  • Modification Inspections
  • Tower mappings
  • Appurtenance audits
  • Foundation mappings
  • Geotechnical reports

  • Structural analysis of existing structures and their appurtenances including:
    • Guyed towers
    • Self-supporting towers
    • Monopole towers
    • Water towers
    • Roof top structures
    • Previously modified towers

  • Structural analysis of Foundations including:
    • Caisson/Drilled Pier
    • Pad and Pier
    • Combined Footings
    • Grade Beams
    • Guy anchors

Safe. High-Quality. Complete.

Our standard site inspection is designed for safety and your peace of mind. Site inspection should make you feel secure, not nervous, and we're here to help.

The Highlights:

  • Certified, Experienced Inspection Teams
  • Communication Site Inspection, including
    • Support Structures
    • Obstruction Marking/Lighting Systems
    • Safety Systems
    • Guy Systems
    • Antenna/Transmission Lines
    • Grounding Systems
    • General Site Conditions
  • Inventory of Antennas, Elevations, and Azimuths Minor Repairs during Inspection, including
    • Paint Touch-up
    • Hardware Tightening
    • Small Hardware Replacement
    • Relamping

That's not all we do.

During inspection, we can perform guy wire tensioning, coaxial cable testing, field measurement and drawing of equipment shelter floor plans, preparation of site maps, GPS confirmation of latitude and longitude coordinates, grounding system upgrades, and other optional cost services not included in our standard inspection.

We can perform a variety of tests to optimize PCS, cellular, and microwave systems, including

  • Transmission Line Insertion Loss
  • Transmission Line Return Loss
  • System Return Loss
  • Microwave Path Alignment

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Your source for everything towers.

We provide installation services including site preparation, foundations and ground plane installation, tower erection, antenna and transmission line installation and testing. We also provide turn-key design/build services for new tower installations.

We have designed and built towers for the Air Force, the Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard, and private sector firms. From 12' to 2000', we have installed towers of all types; utility, telecommunication, bombing range, navigation, broadcast, etc. We install new towers and modify existing towers. We put towers on buildings and on mountain-tops, in valleys and on remote islands. Bring us a challenge and we will give you our best effort.

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Meet our team of experienced professionals.

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Our Equipment

From custom tower building hoists, semi tractor/trailers, welders, air compressors, temporary guys and a fleet of pickup trucks and heavy equipment, to transits, telescopes and cameras, we are well equipped to handle any tower building and maintenance chore with our own equipment. We have specialized equipment, much of our own design for temporarily bracing towers, for working on towers "hot" while they are broadcasting and for performing specialized maintenance on unique structures.

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